Your prayers are greatly appreciated as new episodes are recorded and conversations are had. I pray the Holy Spirit will always lead the commentary and encouragement. 

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All for the Glory of God!

When we have our hearts set on something, will God bless it or block it? Cami, along with guests, dive into the truth of God's Word and how the Lord is moving through our lives. 

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Bless It or Block It

with Cami Renee Jones

If you have an iPhone, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts to help grow and spread the podcast!

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Some of the topics are tough, but that is how it should be. As Christians, we know that the gospel is offensive. I always want you to leave encouraged.

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As much as the world wants us to be apart of it, we are not. Our identity is in Christ and in Christ, alone! Our earthly bodies are vessels for God's handiwork. When He breathes air inside of our lungs each day, it's for a purpose. Be encouraged that God has already gone before you and we have eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Identity in Christ

We are aliens in this world because our citizenship is in Heaven.. Our Kingdom Mindset lens is vital in our every day lives. Everything we do is all for the glory of God. When we look to God for guidance, strength, and courage; we can rest assured that our mindset is where it needs to be.

Kingdom Mindset

Just as our human bodies need vital organs to function, the body of Christ needs your purpose and skills to strengthen and grow the entire body. God has given you a unique set of strengths, skills, wisdom, and even weaknesses to encourage and reach more people. Our job is to spread the gospel to every tribe, tongue, and nation.

One Body