10 fun facts about me:
1. I'm left-handed.
2. I was born tongue-tied.
3. Morning coffee is my favorite.
4. I played the French Horn for 10 years.
5. I love onions and all of the pizza toppings.
6. My ideal day includes adventuring with my little family.
7. Romantic comedies and movies that makes me cry are my favorites.
8. My spirit animal is a horse.
9. Being a mom has given me new purpose.
10. I have big dreams and you will most likely find me creating in some way. My creative brain never sleeps.

I would love to help you strengthen your relationship with the Lord. Whether you are an unbeliever wanting to know more about what being a Christian means, a new Christian in the beginning steps of seeking out the Lord, or a seasoned Christian desiring to dig in a deeper relationship with God, I am here to help with tools, resources, and sharing my personal walk with the Lord.

I'm really good at packing my bag last minute for travel, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and getting distracted by watching Gilmore Girls.


a little bit about

Hi, I'm Cami and I lead women closer to Christ. 

"Cami does such a good job pointing people to Jesus and speaking truth." - Molly Anne S.

"She is open and honest about her faith. It's beautiful to listen to her." - Sydney G.

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Topics including, but not limited to: faith, motherhood, ministry, home, marriage, lifestyle, grief, comparison, joy, and the Bible.

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