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To all of the grievers out there, I’m right there with you. The holidays are meant for time spent with family and loved ones, but we’re missing members who have been a vital part of the collection of holiday memories. Our bodies are aching, our spirits crushed and our minds misunderstood. The human self can’t […]

To All the Grievers at Christmas

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Good Monday morning, my lovelies. ✨⁣⁣ This is my view this morning, sipping on coffee and watching Luke play in his new Finding Nemo themed bouncer (thank you Nana☺️).⁣ I’ve realized that I haven’t posted photos around our home much lately and remember in a poll that y’all love seeing our cozy home. I’m so […]

James Chapter 2: Faith & Deeds

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Sister, I know it’s hard. I know you feel incapable and unworthy. I know you feel like you’ll never be good enough or that you won’t succeed. ⁣ Guess what? That’s the devil deceiving you. He’s putting those thoughts in your head. You don’t think you matter? Satan. You don’t think you’re able to live […]

Don’t Let Satan Win

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We all have times when we are in need of encouragement. Some times are more desperate than others. It could be as small as having a tough day and needing a hug or a sincere smile headed your way. It can also be as crippling as believing we aren’t good enough and aren’t succeeding in […]

Scripture for Encouragement and Comfort

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So, we beat up on ourselves. A lot. A voice inside our head tells us that we’re not good enough and we believe it. You know it’s true and you’re sick and tired of believing it. Me too. Me too. How could I possibly achieve this goal? No, I’m not going to get a raise. […]

5 Lies We Believe About Ourselves


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