7 Incredible Christian Authors

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Hi, friend! This post is dedicated to 7 incredible Christian authors you may not know about but need to! It takes a lot of hard work to write a book but to get it published? We need to champion our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ for these accomplishments! Under each author, there is a […]

7 Incredible Christian Authors You Need to Know About Right Now!

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We all face times for making wise decisions. Thankfully, the Lord will always provide for us and lead us through these decisions. When we rely on the Lord as our strength and as our shepherd, He will guide us on the path that He wants us to take. Firstly, regarding unwise decisions you have made […]

9 Strong Scriptures for Making Wise Decisions


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Prayer is the communication from us to God, opening our hearts and admitting that we need God in all things. When we pray, we submit to God and ask that His will be done.

The Beginners Guide to the Amazing Gift of Prayer

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Hi, friend! I hope today is finding you well. You are loved beyond measure by the God who breathed the entire universe! Rest in this truth today as we discuss Kingdom Mission. I love when Paul says, “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither […]

Remaining Steadfast in the Kingdom Mission Throughout Your Lifetime

Kingdom Mission

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Believer, friend, sister, brother in Christ, our authority is God, not man.⁣ As believers, we must stand up for the truth and realize that this is spiritual warfare. The Devil thinks he’s winning, and from what I’m seeing, his lies & deceptions are influencing SO, so many. It breaks my heart.⁣ As Christians, we cannot […]

Our Authority is God, Not Man

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I will & continue to believe that we are ONE body in Christ.⁣ With the racial and political differences in this world, we are experiencing a lot of pain. My brothers and sisters in Christ are in pain. However, we must remain steadfast in the Lord and know that Satan will try to break us […]

We Are One Body in Christ

one body in Christ

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Let’s unpack this word – forgiven.⁣ Specifically, forgiveness by God.⁣⁣ First of all, Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. This set the tone for humans to sin against God ever since.⁣⁣ God loves us too much to let us spend an eternity in Hell (thank you LORD), so He provided a […]

The Monumental Meaning of Being Forgiven.

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Hi, darling. I hope today is finding you well. Today, we are talking about how it’s okay to take a step back. How am I doing? I’m hanging in there. Why is it so easy to feel overwhelmed? Well, I got to thinking about it. I set some super high expectations for myself, and for […]

It’s Okay to Take a Step Back

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Hello friend! I hope you’re having an amazing day and know just how much you are loved! I’m so excited to be sharing prayers for anxiety from one of my favorite companies with you today, The Daily Grace Co. Centered on bringing women closer to Christ with love and scripture, The Daily Grace Co. offers […]

The Daily Grace Co. Prayers for Anxiety

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Hi friend! Today, we’re talking about 3 things to let go of this year and every year. Fear All of those thoughts that are paralyzing you from being the best version of yourself, get rid of them. Say your goodbyes and let them go, seriously. Go over each thought, one-by-one, and face the thought head […]

3 Things to Let Go of This Year and Every Year