5 Lies We Believe About Ourselves

  1. Peggy Jones says:

    Amen. Great advice Cami. ❤️??

  2. Hope P. says:

    What a wonderful testament, reminder and advice! ❤️??

  3. Becky Yarbrough says:

    Very well written Cami. Back in The late 80’s I was privileged to meet Dr Chris Thurman. I was under his teaching, counsrling and guidance during the time he was writing “ The Lies We Believe” and later “The Truths We Must Believe”. I would highly recommend these books because you
    are definitely addressing subject material that many keep pushing back – but until we resolve the issues, it will keep raring it’s ugly head during difficult times. Our hope is in Christ and Him alone. I will keep praying that through your ministry, you can help other young mothet’s To know the perfect peace that passes all understanding. Blessing

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